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Important dates on the Hebrew calendar.

Hebrew days start at sunset on the evening before the days listed - therefore some calendars show the dates one day earlier.

The calculated Jewish calendar (started in 359AD) is often inaccurate in setting the first day of the month on the actual astronomical new moon.  Also, it sometimes does not predict the correct first month in the spring by incorrectly inserting a 13th month (or not) that is supposed to be based upon the ripeness of the barley.

1st month, 1st day (Nisan 1) (in the spring after barley is ripe)
1st month, 14th day (Nisan 14)
1st month, 15th day (Nisan 15)
The Day after the first Sabbath after the 15th
1st month, 19th day (Nisan 19)
1st month, 21st day (Nisan 21
40th day of the omer count
50th day of omer count
5th month, 1st day (Av 1)
5th month, 9th day (Av 9)
7th month, 1st day (Tishrei 1)
7th month, 10th day (Tishrei 10)
7th month, 15th day (Tishrei 15-21)
12th month, 14th day (Adar 14)

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